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Day 28: Do you think you will cry when you see the baby for the first time?

I am not an overly emotional person, I really don’t cry too often. Something has to be particularly painful or meaningful to make me cry. With that said I’m sure I’ll cry when I see Elias for the first time. I have only been waiting 40-ish weeks to meet him and see his little face. It’s all I can think about as there are only 2 days left until my due date.
Tim on the other hand is a pretty emotional person. He cries when something makes him overwhelmingly happy, and I guess you could say he has a lot to be happy about. He will certainly join me in crying when our son is born. We will both be thankful to God for allowing us to be a part of creating a new life and be so consumed with joy that it will spill out of our tear ducts.

We are both very much looking forward to meeting Elias. Can you tell?

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We are ready (in terms of organizing) for our baby boy to be here!
Elias has most of his clothes either hung up or folded and put away. I am so thankful for the gift I got from a friend from church in the mail, she sent us a delta 48-piece baby clothes organizing set. It’s adorable, useful and really has helped me to be able to organize his cute little clothes. The set comes with several little velvety hangers, the hanging drawers on the side, 3 little storage boxes and 2 big ones, and closet dividers and labels. It’s matches perfectly with his stuff and has made organizing his stuff super easy.
I am currently 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We are almost there!

Day 27: How are you preparing for the baby?

I am 38 weeks today! Baby is almost here. We actually set up the crib a couple of weeks ago now, but we had our baby shower yesterday and so we got all sorts of goodies for our baby’s room. We also went shopping and are soon going to be setting up the nursery for Elias. He’s almost here and so we have to be sure he has a place to sleep, a place to be changed and a place to be rocked.
We have two of those things set up and ready to go, and sometime this week we will be getting a very pretty glider for the room. We also have the car seat and stroller and are getting the car seat car base later this week in the mail.

As for me we have me pre-registered at the hospital where I will be delivering and I am packing my bags to be ready when God decides to bring our baby into this world.

So excited! Approximately two more weeks and I’ll be holding our darling baby boy.

I got a haircut today!
My darling lovely husband took me to get my hair done today as a little boost before baby is born. I feel great!
We also shopped for some stuff for the labor/delivery. As I’m sure you all know I am planning on delivering our child without drugs or medication. Because of this it is advised that I use relaxation techniques in order to deliver my child as comfortably/safely as possible. One of the techniques we considered was aromatherapy. Sort of. I’m not totally in love with the traditional aromatherapy scents, but I think that scents can help create a relaxing environment. Anyway our hospital doesn’t allow candles, but the wallflowers they sell at bath and body works are ok. We went today and I ended up choosing lemon mint leaf. It’s awesome and I’m sure it will help to relax me when Elias is on his way. Only two and a half more weeks to go!